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Dating Apps Will Work If You Follow These 11 Dos And Don’ts

A first date is not contingent on a pre-nuptial agreement. If you take yourself — and the dating process — a little less seriously, you’ll probably start to have more fun, be yourself and make a more authentic connection with the people you’re meeting. With numerous online dating apps and websites at your disposal, it’s easier than ever to get started meeting someone online. That said, there are certain best practices that should be considered when wading into the digital dating pool.

Following tips for dating can help put our nerves at rest. The most important thing to remember above all, however, is to be yourself. If you are not, you are only setting yourself up for failure further down the road when you cannot keep up the pretense you set when you first went out together. You’ll be happier in the long run for it too.

During your first meeting, whether that’s in person or online, discuss what’s important to you in terms of relationship goals and in terms of COVID safety. Understanding expectations right off the bat will provide you with peace of mind and clarity moving forward. I’ll be the first to admit that dating apps absolutely scare me to no end.

It’s simple – if something feels wrong it probably is. If for whatever reason, the person you’re speaking to online is making you feel uneasy, just drop all contact. Trust your gut – it’s generally always correct. Dating in 2020 is very different to what we called dating 20 years ago. Now we have apps so that we can meet people almost instantaneously and decide whether we like them or not before going out with them.

If you’re in the picture and you really, really like it, I might give it a pass. But, if you’re just posting a single shot of your ride, I have to question it. Sure, maybe someone might see that and be impressed, but the pictures on your profile are supposed to showcase you. So, unless you’re showing that you are an actual Transformer , I have to assume a car picture does nothing to represent you as a person.

Being surrounded by people means the chances of something bad happening are a lot slimmer. If the person you’re speaking to online seems reluctant to meet in a public place, this should already send some alarm bells ringing. How do you start a conversation with a stranger?

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